Record, optimize, save!


1. Record Data


2. Evaluate Data


3. Take action

GOdata is a clever, inexpensive data gathering and monitoring system, mostly used for resource monitoring, including water meters, power meters, heating/air conditioning meters, temperature meters, etc. It consists of the data logger – the GO Power Module™ and the online portal – GO Eco data™.

By actively monitoring water, power and heating usage, GOdata has helped customers to save up to 65% on their bill. How? GOdata compares current usage to regular usage patterns (historic data or benchmark data), diagnoses "waste patterns" and communicates these to the customer.


But that's not all: GOdata is the next step in data monitoring, not only providing customers with exactly the data they need in real time, but also alerting them of potential problems. GOdata is also used in train transportation, bee hive monitoring, boat monitoring, river level monitoring and various other applications.